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When I was younger, I dated all the wrong people.
Some were okay, and some were true disasters. I just couldn't find anyone I clicked with. When I met Ellen, I knew she was right for me. We finished each other's sentences, and our first date flew by. There was no way I could tell her this since we had just met, but when we said goodbye that night, I had already made up my mind that one day, I was going to propose to her.

Wedding Biographies

What Does a Wedding Biographer Do?

Whether you get married in a grand cathedral or at a romantic B&B on the coast, one thing will be for certain: by the time you return from your honeymoon and begin your new life as a married couple, you will have made a thousand memories. Some of them will be captured in priceless photos. Others, though, will eventually fade away - unless you get them down on paper.

My primary job will be to work with you to capture all those

memories that photos can't convey. The average engagement lasts at least a year, and between you, your fiance, family members, and other loved ones, there's a lot that will happen that you won't want to forget.

When your husband-to-be asked your father for permission to marry you, what did they talk about? That conversation can go in the biography.

How often did your father, who has no rhythm whatsoever, secretly practice dancing so that he could lead you around the floor in the father-daughter dance? I can write about that for your biography.

And you won't want to forget the speeches made at the rehearsal dinner or the first time you tried on your wedding dress.

The night before the wedding was a blur. I kept thinking that this was the last night I would go to sleep as Ashley Jamieson. Tomorrow night, I would go to sleep as Ashley Michaels. How strange is that? Awesome but strange at the same time.

At the church rehearsal, I know I seemed so calm and composed, but on the inside my heart was racing. I kept looking around at the empty pews and imagining all the people who would be there in 24 hours to see me get married to the most wonderful man. I also prayed more than once that I wouldn't trip as I walked down the aisle. Both my dress and my train were long, so I was prepared to step very carefully.

The Secret to a Wonderful Wedding Biography is Access.

The more access you give me to events and to your thoughts and feelings, the more personal and complete your wedding biography will be. 

The same is true for other people in your life. By allowing me to interview family members and other people involved in the wedding, your wedding biography will be richer and more meaningful.

I will always honor any limitations you may put on who I may talk with. Think of me as a quiet ghost who will write down what you experience and put it into a beautiful album or scrapbook for you.

You won't believe the number of memories you will be able to reflect on once you get home from your honeymoon.

When I saw my niece walk down the aisle, I lost it. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't do that often. I'm the guy who can't stand Hallmark movies, yet here I was crying because my niece looked so beautiful.

I kept remembering the day she was born and all the times I helped her learn to play soccer and softball. Where did the pigtails go? What happened to the girl who couldn't tie her shoes? She was grown up and now this lovely woman. Her new husband is lucky to have her.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: You and I talk either in person or via the phone, Zoom, or FaceTime. We discuss how far into your engagement that you are. We also talk about your schedule: when the wedding will be as well as any big events, like wedding showers.  We chat about what I do and what the final product might look like.

Step 2: You decide how much of the wedding you want me to cover. Would you like me to interview family members, the groomsmen, and the bridesmaids so that their thoughts and experiences can be in your wedding biography? Would you like me to attend any wedding showers or even the wedding itself? You have control over what I write about.

Step 3: We finalize our contract together, and I begin covering your wedding per your instructions. You can also email me important photos as your engagement progresses, and I will ask you a few questions about each one. 

Step 4: I keep a Google document of the photos you give me and the narratives that I write about each one. I also include the thoughts of any family members and friends about your wedding.

Step 5: You review what I have written, let me know in writing about any revisions you would like to make, and approve the final product.

Step 6: I print the photos and the narratives. You choose the photo album or the scrapbook. We work together to arrange the photos and narratives so that your vision for the project is achieved.

Step 7: I put the final product together and deliver it to you for you to enjoy.

Wedding Biographies: Pricing

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"Remembrance" Wedding Biography
A one-page description of
your relationship, wedding, and honeymoon 
Up to 500 words
(Delivery and photos not included)
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"Sweet Memories" Wedding Biography
1. The wedding
2. The reception
3. The honeymoon
(Scrapbook, scrapbook decorations, and delivery not included)
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"Mini-Memories" Wedding Biography
1. How the couple met
2. Dating
3. The proposal
4. Wedding showers
5. Dress shopping
6. Rehearsal/dinner 
7. Bachelorette party
8. Bachelor party
9. Wedding
10. Reception
11. Honeymoon
12. "After"
(Scrapbook, scrapbook decorations, and delivery not included)
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"Memories" Wedding Biography
1. Information about the 
couple before they met
2. How they met
3. Dating
4. Ring shopping
5. Asking for permission
to get married
6. The proposal
7. Families' reactions
8. Registering for gifts
9. Wedding showers
10. Dress shopping
11. Choosing the flowers
12. Choosing the cake
13. Choosing the wedding
14. Choosing the honeymoon destination
15. Rehearsal/dinner
16. Bachelorette/bachelor
17. Wedding
18. Reception
19. Honeymoon
20. "After"
(Scrapbook, scrapbook decorations, and delivery not included)
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"Deluxe Memories" Wedding Biography
Includes everything
in the "Memories" Wedding Biography as well as interviews with friends and family members from
key stages of the engagement and wedding. 
1. When the couple was dating
2. Asking for permission to get married
3. News of engagement
4. Wedding showers
5. Dress shopping
6. Rehearsal/dinner
7. Bachelorette party
8. Bachelor party
9. Wedding
10. Reception
11. "After"
(Scrapbook, scrapbook decorations, and delivery not included)

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