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I love to write speeches. There's really no other way to put it. I enjoy everything about it: getting to know my client's speaking patterns, understanding the audience, and crafting a speech that will convey the speaker's message with maximum impact. I like the challenge of turning a blank sheet of paper into a speech that will knock the audience's socks off. It is simply a lot of fun.
I will take the pressure off of you, and best of all, you'll take all the credit for the speech. I live by the speechwriter's maxim: "It's all about the speaker's success, not my own." Your audience will never know I was behind that killer speech you just gave.
Let's get started!

Short Speeches 

(Ceremonial, Personal)

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Each minute of the speech = $45

(Includes unlimited revisions for
grammar, word choice, or misinformation.

Revisions that increase the length of
the speech or incorporate new
information will be $50/hour.)

Speeches given at weddings, retirements, award presentations, and graduations (including those given by valedictorians and principals)


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Each minute of the speech = $115

(Includes 2 free revisions of grammar,
word choice, misinformation, and

small amounts of new information.

After this, revisions will be made at



association, and commencement

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