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Out of everything I have ever done with you, going to the beach in the middle of January was the best. There wasn't a soul in sight. The wind was freezing, but none of us minded. We stood in the dunes and listened to the waves crashing against the shore. Every so often, a bird flew past. We felt like we were eavesdropping on a private moment. I had never felt so peaceful, and I was so thankful to share that moment with you.

The Gift of Memories

Birthdays - Retirements - Graduations - Weddings - Holidays

No matter how many new iPhones are created, there will always be another one. The latest computer is amazing, but when the next holiday season hits, a better one will be released, sparking another Black Friday frenzy. I personally believe that the tech world has gotten so advanced that it's losing all of its meaning and is becoming boring.

What is it that never loses its impact? What is truly irreplaceable and precious? 


Memories never lose their power or importance no matter how many decades pass. The computer I am typing on is nothing like the first computer I had way back when. However, the memory I have of rewriting Star Wars with my two best friends and putting on a play never fails to make me smile.

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Give Your Loved One the Gift of Memories

As Well As Your Feelings About Them

I can't cook to save my life. You know that microwaves were invented for people like me. So, why did I agree to cook dinner for a guy I wanted to impress? As soon as I offered, I knew it was a huge mistake. As soon as I could, I got on the phone and called you, totally panicked. 

Never fear! You showed up with a small army of people, friends from the cooking class you were in, and we got to work. I had never seen some of the gadgets you dumped on the counter. All I had to do was wash dishes, thankfully. You guys took care of the rest, and by the time Justin showed up that night, you were all gone, and an amazing dinner was waiting for him. I'll never forget it. 

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Choose the photos you would like to include in your scrapbook.

Step 2: You and I then talk on the phone or via Zoom about those photos. I will ask you questions designed to help me understand the context, emotions, and anything else connected to each photo.

Step 3: I will write a narrative (up to 260 words) for each photo. 

Step 4:I will also write a letter (up to 300 words) to be put at the beginning of the scrapbook.

Step 5: You review what I have written, let me know in writing about any revisions you would like to make, and approve the final product.

Step 6: I print the photos and the narratives. You choose the photo album or the scrapbook. We work together to arrange the photos and narratives so that your vision for the project is achieved.

Step 7: I put the final product together and deliver it to you for you to enjoy.

The Gift of Memories: Pricing

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5 Photos, 5 Narratives, and Letter
Letter = up to 300 words
Each narrative = up to 260 words
(Scrapbook, scrapbook decorations, and delivery not included)
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10 Photos, 10 Narratives, and Letter
Letter = up to 300 words
Each narrative = up to 260 words
(Scrapbook, scrapbook decorations, and delivery not included)

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