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Please take a few minutes to read some of the writing samples. You'll see that a gift like this is very versatile: it can be used for birthdays, holidays, memorials, births, anniversaries - and that's just the beginning.

Wedding Biographies

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Thailand! Kara and I both agree that we could not have picked a better place to honeymoon.

Yes, the flight was terrible: 18 hours! But it was all worth it. When we arrived, our driver met us. He told us to call him Tom, and he really made our stay incredible. He knew all the places to go: the best snorkeling spots, the waterfalls no one else knew about, and restaurants with killer food. 

Even though the beach was amazing, Kara and I think the day we rode motorcycles into the hills was the best. The roads were mostly paved, and there was curve after curve. The higher up we went, the cooler it got. We saw monkeys in the trees and a lot of stunning rice fields. 

We will definitely go back, no question.

Pregnancy Diaries

Pregnancy Diaries

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Albums for Birthdays, Holidays, Veterans, Retirements, Graduations, and Memorials

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