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The first time I walked into the castle,

I swear I felt like I was 5 years old. Every

fairy tale I had ever read rushed back into my mind , and I kept expecting to hear the footsteps of a princess. I'm not sure what was cooler - the moat or the suits of armor. It was all everything I had thought it would be and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many photos can I use for my project?

A: That's completely up to you. You can use as many or as few photos as you would like. If you use fewer or more than the package allows for, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Q: What size should the photos be?

A: That depends on the scrapbook that you use. Generally,

photos are 4"x6", but it's possible that they could be larger.

There are some exceptions to this. Some older photos are 4"x4", and rather than blow them up and distort the image, it could be better to leave them at their original size. Also, to make both the photo and its narrative fit on the same page, it might be necessary to shrink the photo, especially those that are vertical.

Q: How long does it take to finish a project?

A: That's honestly difficult to say. The reason is that the project is a partnership. I have my own role to play and will work diligently to meet your deadline. However, a lot depends on how quickly you provide me with photos and answers to my questions as well as look at the draft and give me your okay on it.

Q: Should I use a photo album or a scrapbook for my project?

A: That depends on you and your vision for the project. Both have pros and cons.

A photo album is simpler to work with and normally comes with more pages. It is also generally cheaper than a scrapbook. However, it does not allow for much creativity. The narratives will probably be shorter than what a scrapbook could have. In most cases, the photos will all be the same size. A scrapbook's pages are larger, allowing you to use photos of different sizes and to write more.

It all really depends on what you envision the final product to be.

Q: Do you supply the photo album or scrapbook?

A: No, I do not. The reason is because everyone has different tastes. What is attractive to one person is not to another. I think the client is more likely to be satisfied with the final product if they see the album or scrapbook ahead of time. I can, however, work with you to help you choose the right album or scrapbook for you.

Q: Can you write just the narratives for the photos while I do the rest?

A: Yes, I can. Some people enjoy scrapbooking, and they like arranging photos and designing the final product. If that's you, I can certainly just write the narratives and get them to you to be included in your project.

Q: What if I don't have a photo for something I would like you to write about?

A: No problem. I can always talk to you about the memory and write a narrative for you. It will be blended into the other parts of your project.

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