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One of my favorite memories is

from when we went to Bear Lake.

It was out in the middle of nowhere

and didn't even have WiFi.

I thought I was going to be bored

to tears, but it was actually a blast.

I was always the first one up and

out fishing at the crack of dawn.

I stayed in the rowboat all morning

every day we were there. I never did

catch anything, but so what? 

Family Memories

Whether your family is small and lives in the same town or is big and scattered across the country, you've made a lot of memories together. You've taken vacations, celebrated holidays and special occasions, helped each other find first jobs, consoled each other when first loves didn't work out, enjoyed movie nights - all together.

How amazing would it be to have everyone's favorite memories all in one place? 

As good as Justin is at basketball and as exciting as his All-State games were, I still like watching him play pick-up basketball in our neighborhood more than anything else. He is so friendly to everyone. He could probably play for a university like Duke because he's that good, but he doesn't have an ego about it. Anyone who wants to play can play. If the player isn't as good as Justin, he just dials down the intensity and matches the other player's ability. That's what makes Justin so awesome.

Everyone In Your Family Will Have a Voice

Grandparents                                      Siblings                                        Grandchildren
Aunts/uncles                                        Cousins                                       In-laws
Parents                                                  Nieces/nephews

What Can Go in the Family Memories Album/Scrapbook?

- Favorite holiday memory

- Favorite memory of a specific person

- Funniest family moment

- Opinions on which family member is the funniest, most compassionate, etc.

You could even give each family member a specific occasion - like the family's trip to Colorado - and ask for each person's favorite memory.

I had never seen snow before, so when we moved to New York, I was excited about winter. I remember the first time it snowed. It was something like 4 inches, all overnight, I think. I was late to school that morning because I just had to make my first snowman.

I was 10 minutes late to my first class, AP History. I tried to sneak in while Mr. Jenkins was passing out papers, but he saw me, of course. When he asked me why I was late, I told him the truth: I missed the bus because after I finished the snowman, I went back to Gregg's bedroom to find his hat and

scarf to use on the snowman. Gregg is a slob, and they were both buried under his blanket, so I lost time, missed the bus, and had to walk to school. The snowman looked great, though!

Let's Get All of Your Family's Memories Into One Place

This is the general idea:

1. We have a free consultation over the phone, via FaceTime or Zoom, or even in person. I answer any questions you have and ask you a few so that I understand your needs. We talk about the questions you want your family to answer and who will receive them.

This project can be especially fun to do, and I can help you manage it and move it forward. I have a lot of organizational skills and will keep track of all the photos that will be used as well as everyone's answers to the questions you would like to ask them.

2. I then email you an estimate of the cost of your project and a contract for you to review and sign.
3. I also email you some tips on how to organize your family. You are welcome to send them the questions yourself, or I can do this for you, whichever choice is best for you. Usually it's best if I do this so that I can keep better track of who has responded and who has not.
4. You then send your answers to the questions to me via email, over the phone, or via FaceTime/Zoom, etc. You also email me any photos you would like to include. You can also load these photos onto an online platform like Shutterfly and share them with me.
5. Each family member does #4 as well.
6. For each response, I write a narrative (up to 250 words or so) that captures the person's thoughts and memories. This is matched to any photo the person provides.
7. I load the photos and answers onto a Google document so that you can review them.
8. You tell me what revisions you would like me to make. Revisions are free prior to the printing of your project.
9. I make the revisions and get your final approval.
10. I print the photos and answers and put them in the album or scrapbook.
11. I deliver your project to you in person or via UPS.

Sample Pricing

Untitled design - 2020-11-03T061003.868.

One-page description of the vacation,

holiday, event, etc. (up to 500 words)

$85 (one person interviewed)

$110 (two people interviewed)

(Photos and delivery not included)

Are You Ready to Learn More?

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Sample pricing is
based on eight
family members answering six


Sample questions:

- Favorite Christmas

- Favorite Thanksgiving

- Favorite vacation

- Favorite memory of Mom

- Favorite memory of Dad

- Funniest family memory

Sample price:


Does not include

scrapbook, scrapbook decorations, or delivery.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

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