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The first funeral I ever went to

was for my goldfish, Harry. I loved

that little guy. He was adorable, 

and when I got him for my 7th

birthday, I was thrilled. He swam in

his tank on my desk and was with me 

through all the studying I did for exams

and even all the crying I did when my

first boyfriend broke up with me. When

Harry died, I gave him a small funeral

in my backyard and knew I had lost a good friend.


You have a story to tell. Why not let others hear it? Do your friends and family really know who you are?
I hear so many people say that they haven't done anything special with their lives, but this isn't true. While very few of us have been president of America or have discovered the cure to a disease, that doesn't mean that our lives have been boring. Far from it!
You are a collection of experiences, people, thoughts, achievements - the list is endless. You have loved, laughed, cried, and struggled. Your story from your birth to today is unique, and I would love to help you get it down so that people know the real you.
Even decades later, I can remember the lakes of Michigan. I remember the peace and the simplicity of each summer day spent splashing along the shoreline while looking for minnows. I can feel the sand and then grass under my feet as I ran from the water to the cottage to have hot dogs for dinner. Nights were beautiful. Without the city lights, the stars blanketed the sky and mesmerized me.  I loved to eat marshmallows by the campfire. I preferred mine to be totally black. Each night I went to sleep knowing that the next day would be just as fun as the previous day had been.

What Can Be In Your Biography?

Anything you want! I think that when you sit down and really think about it, you'll see that you are a very interesting person and have a lot to say. To get you started, here are some things you might include:
Military service           Academic awards                             Children/spouse                                Opinions
College                         Volunteer work                                World events you lived through      First home/car
Travel                            First job/how much you made       First love                                             Family
Favorite teachers       Pets                                                     Talents/hobbies                                 Losses
I don't remember when I learned to ride a bike, but I do remember watching Dad put the training wheels on it. At first, I hung on precariously as I flew down the driveway and made the hairpin turn onto the sidewalk. Soon, though, I was riding fearlessly around the neighborhood, the extra wheels clattering as I went.
One day, however, Dad decided to take those training wheels off. As he stood behind me in the street, he gave me last-minute instructions. I obediently started pedaling, and after a few moments, his hands left the seat. It was close, but the crash I feared never came. Instead, I somehow adjusted and was suddenly riding on two wheels like I had done it my whole life. 

The Biography Process: a Partnership

Are you curious about how I will work with you to write your unique story? These are the general steps we will take together:
1. We have a free consultation over the phone, via FaceTime or Zoom, or even in person. I answer any questions you have and ask you a few so that I understand your needs.
2. I then email you an estimate of the  cost of your biography
and a contract for you to review and sign.
3. I also email you some tips on how to  organize your
thoughts and your photos  so that you choose the right
pictures for your biography.
4. You then go through your photos and choose the ones
you would like to include.
5. You load these photos onto an online platform like Shutterfly
and share them with me.
6. I email you a small list of questions that you will answer for
each photo that you choose.
7. We talk together about each photo, and you give me your
answers to the questions.

8. For each photo, I write a narrative (up to 250 words or so)
that captures your thoughts and memories surrounding it.
9. I load the photos and their narratives onto a Google
document so that you can review them.
10. You tell me what revisions you would like me to make.
Revisions are free prior to the printing of your biography.
11. I make the revisions and get your final approval.
12. I then print the photos and the narratives and put them in the album or scrapbook.
13. I deliver your biography to you in person or via UPS.
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Pricing and Completion Time

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One-page description of the  subject's life  (up to 500 words)

Can be factual, emotional, or a blend of both


(Does not include any photos or delivery.)

Completion time once all research is finished:

1 week

(Longer during holidays)

Some Questions and Answers

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Up to 50 Photos


(Does not include scrapbook, scrapbook decorations, or delivery.)

Completion time:

8 weeks

(Longer during holidays)

Up to 75 Photos


(Does not include scrapbook, scrapbook decorations, or delivery.)

Completion time:

10 weeks

(Longer during holidays)

Up to 100 Photos


(Does not include scrapbook, scrapbook decorations, or delivery.)

Completion time:

12 weeks

(Longer during holidays)

For Biographies with Photos
What does the price include?
- 4"x6" photos, glossy finish
- printing of the narratives on white card stock in 14 pt. Calibri font (Other arrangements can be made in writing.)
- interviews of the biography's subject
- writing of the narratives
- unlimited revisions until printing
- assembly of the biography/scrapbook
- 1 copy of the biography
What does the price not include?
- scrapbook (This is because people's tastes are different. What is beautiful to one person is not to another. I request that the client buy their own scrapbook. Before you do, however, please consult with me so that you get the right kind because not all scrapbooks are suitable for this type of project.)
- any extra scrapbook decorations (I do not use these in the biography. This is more of a book than a traditional scrapbook.)
- delivery
What if I don't have a photo that represents an important memory? Can you still write about it?
- Yes. Each biography package allows you to have a limited number of memories that are not connected to a photo.
Why are your prices so much cheaper than what other biographers charge?
- I am able to save you thousands of dollars because of the biography's structure. While I can certainly write a longer biography for you, one that goes more deeply into every moment of your life if you prefer, I have found that most people's life stories can be told very well within the packages that I offer.
What if I don't want to use the exact number of photos in the package I buy?
- If you would like to use fewer or more photos than the biography allows for, this is no problem. The price will be adjusted accordingly.
Can the biography be written faster?
- It is possible. I try to be conservative with times so that the client is not disappointed. I will always try to finish
the biography sooner than promised. However, it is best to count on the stated completion deadline.
- On the flip side, the process could go slower if the subject is not consistently available for interviews and for approval of the narratives or if I do not have timely access to the photos.
What does the completion deadline not include?
- Your organization of your photos. It is highly recommended that you begin choosing and organizing your photos early so that the process of writing your biography goes more smoothly.
How much time will I need to choose and organize my photos?
- I would allow at least a month for this. Everyone is very busy, of course, and you will need time to sit down and sort through years of pictures. It will be a significant commitment on your part.
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